Breaking into Data Science

—   12 Week Email Bootcamp   —

Effortless Data Science learning

Email Bootcamp delivers three to four emails each week on a different foundational topic in Data Science.  Plus, you'll gain access to an exclusive Facebook group to answer any questions you have on course content.

Key Topics to Review

Week 1 - an overview of the Data Science field
Week 2 - the key skill of statistics
Week 3 - intro to Python for Data Science
Week 4 - learn pandas for manipulating tabular data
Week 5 - sklearn for machine learning
Week 6 - fundamental applications of SQL
Week 7 - data in the enterprise with Data Strategy
Week 8 - fundamental importance of Data Ethics
Week 9 - neural networks for Machine Learning
Week 10 - GPUs and cloud for Deep Learning
Week 11 - sample projects to grow your portfolio
Week 12 - building your career Data Science jobs

Immediate Access

On a different timeline to achieve Data Science mastery?  No problem!  Gain immediate access to the 60+ emails of the Breaking into Data Science Email Bootcamp delivered at one time.

Enhance your Data Science Fundamentals

What People are Saying

"We're working and learning from home on a daily basis right now, which can be overwhelming for some, but having a daily reminder, which is an interesting read and helpful cheat sheet, can be truly rewarding.

With the Bootcamp, you don't need to go onto any course or go hunting for information because it is all there, embedded in the emails that are sent out at a similar time.  So when you get a ping, you'll know it's the email of the day. You can check it and read up on something new.
I look forward to the emails and the content.  Even if your schedule is hectic, the Bootcamp is an easy way to build Data Science knowledge over time."

About the Author

Nicole Janeway Bills offers a proven track record of applying Data Science and related disciplines to solve clients’ most pressing challenges.  Nicole currently works as a Digital Team Manager.  She specializes in Natural Language Processing and Data Strategy with business experience in cloud computing, statistical testing, pricing analysis, ETL processes, and basic web and application development.