Simplifying Time Series Analysis with the dtw-python Package

Working with time series can be daunting. My bootcamp instructor showed up to class with a haunted look on the day he prepared to lecture on this topic.

Fortunately, the dtw-python package provides an intuitive way to compare time series. In short, Dynamic Time Warping calculates the distance between two arrays or time series of different length.

Aligning two time series via The dtw Package

First, DTW stretches and/or compresses series of potentially different lengths to make them resemble each other as much as possible. To borrow an example from speech recognition, employing this technique would help an algorithm recognize that “now” and “nowwwwwwww” are the same word, whether spoken by a snappily impatient adult or a tempestuous toddler. After the transform, the package computes the distance between individual aligned elements.

Learn more:

  • Play around with DTW Python yourself using Google Colab here & here.

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