Import Excel workbook and append sheet name

df = pd.concat(pd.read_excel('Ticket_Sales_Total.xlsx', sheet_name=None), ignore_index=True)

Alternatively, if you want to read in the sheets and retain some info from the sheet name, you can use this function below.

def read_excel_sheets(xls_path):
   """Read all sheets of an Excel workbook and return a single DataFrame"""
   print(f'Loading {xls_path} into pandas')
   xl = pd.ExcelFile(xls_path)
   df = pd.DataFrame()
   columns = None
   for idx, name in enumerate(xl.sheet_names):
        print(f'Reading sheet #{idx}: {name}')
        sheet = xl.parse(name)
        if idx == 0:
              # Save column names from the first sheet to match for append
              columns = sheet.columns
        sheet.columns = columns
        # Add sheet name as column
        sheet['sheet'] = name.split(" ")[-1]
        # Assume index of existing data frame when appended
        df = df.append(sheet, ignore_index=True)
   return df

pandas creates a new column (‘sheet’) containing the last word of the sheet name as its value. If the sheets in Ticket_Sales_Total.xlsx are named Ticket Sales 2017Ticket Sales 2018, and Ticket Sales 2019, then the read_excel_sheets() function will append each row with the relevant year from the sheet name.