Certified Data Management Professional

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Study Schedule

Finish the DMBOK in 12 weeks with three to four emails delivered each week.  This scientifically-backed study approach leverages the 80/20 principle to help you focus on the most important information.

Key Topics to Review

Vocabulary and key concepts for each of the 14 chapters tested on the Fundamentals Exam.  Practice questions and exam preparedness checklist ensure you're ready to effortlessly ace the test.

External Resources

Because becoming a CDMP is about more than a test score, the plan includes external resources such as thought-provoking articles, case studies, and interview questions prepare you for Data Management in the real world setting.

Immediate Access

On a different timeline to achieve Data Strategy mastery?  No problem!  Gain immediate access to the 60+ emails of the CDMP Study Plan delivered at one time.

Effortlessly Ace the CDMP Fundamentals Exam


"I signed up for the free trial week of emails, and I have to say I found them so helpful in enforcing a structured study focus. There's also a good bit of supplementary info and relevant reading and videos. I'll definitely be signing up for the study emails when I am prepping for the exam."  - Maeve Carey

"Nicole Janeway Bills of Data Strategy Professionals has become a pinnacle in this community. The study plan is a 90-day journey that details how, when, what, and where to prepare yourself for the exam. I personally reviewed every email, link, and reference throughout the guide and can verify it is a labor of love. The painstaking detail in the guide is apparent as is its value."  - Jon Shaulis

"This incredible email course splits the exam materials up over 90 days, making the otherwise overbearing study materials much more manageable for hard-working professionals.  The CDMP exam provides the best practices and fundamentals for data strategy and execution."  - Nic Acton

About the Author

Nicole Janeway Bills offers a proven track record of applying Data Strategy and related disciplines to solve clients’ most pressing challenges.  Nicole currently works as a Digital Team Manager.  She offers business experience in natural language processing, cloud computing, statistical testing, pricing analysis, ETL processes, and basic web and application development.